Monday, November 30, 2015

YouTube Likes & Dislikes

Today I made mistakes when I was adding all the #'s from the likes and dislikes from the two videos I chose. I kept making mistakes in the adding because I was doing the adding on the calculator and I kept adding the wrong #'s. I would have to restart over. I kept loosing track in what the next # was to add. I started getting little frustrated but I calmed down and took my time because I was doing everything in a rush. I learned that I have to take my time in my work to do a good job on it. The learning process of  mistake, learn and grow is that if you want to do good on an assignment you have to take you time to get things done neat and correct.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Desmos part 4

  For desmos part 4 I was working on the Final Angular velocity of the cube. I made mistakes in trying to get the inputs onto the right outputs because I had to keep changing the outputs and the line would go higher or lower from where it was supposed to be. I asked for help and got a better understanding of what I had to do. I learned that I had to manipulate the inputs to get to the desired outputs. The learning process of mistake, learn and grow is that you should always ask for help when you need it to be more successful on you work and take more information in.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


   So in Math class everybody had to use desmos to create their initial's. It was really difficult for me to begin doing my initials because In order to do them on desmos you had to know the what equation to put so you can get the right points. In my case I didn't know how to use desmos at all and I didn't understand the math well. I kept making small mistakes in the math and I didn't know what equations to put. I then asked Jade for more clarification and she helped me understand the math better because she walked me to through each step. I learned that in desmos I had to plug in some of the points in the equation and that you can use spreadsheets to find the slope and the y-intercept. After I got help I was able to continue on desmos to put in the equations.  I also learned that it is important to ask for help or for more clarification on things you're not clear about or don't understand. The learning process of mistake, learn, and grow is that it is okay to not understand something and that you will make mistakes but it is always important to ask for help to understand, be successful and learn something new.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Working on my concept

  While working on my concept card I had trouble with finding parts of my concept which was The Cube - size, volume etc. I struggled with finding the volume of the cube. I kept making mistakes in getting the right measurements for each side of the cube of long now project. The reason I kept making this mistake was because the yardstick was off and you couldn't get the right measurement. Since that wasn't working out for me I asked to borrow a measuring tape because it was more accurate in measurement. After measuring two sides I didn't have to measure the rest of the sides because they where all the equal. I learned that if something doesn't work out you have to try other resources around you and not just quit so you can do a better and feel better about what you did. The learning process of mistake, learn and, grow is that it is better to get things done correct and neat because it could affect something that has to do with whatever you're doing.

Moving on

     During the 2nd and 3rd week I struggled with the # 4 Paper Clip Problem. This is because I had to find how long the paper clip was and I had to measure every curve of the paper clip. Then I also had to find out how many paper clips I could make with a 10m wire. I made mistakes in measuring the paper clip by just measuring it all in one piece instead of each curve of the the paper clip. So I used a string to get an estimate of how long the paper clip really was. The learning process of mistake, learn, and grow was that even though I wasn't sure of what math or steps I had to do I learned that I have try my best to understand and get something neatly done.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Start


Something I struggled with in math class was understanding how to write my name In Arabic. I made  mistakes in knowing which letter was which because they were written very differently, it was very new to me and I kept putting in the wrong letters. I was kind of getting frustrated but then I started looking carefully in what each letter sounded and i also asked for some help because I wasn't going to get anywhere if I stayed quiet. The learning process of mistake, learn and grow is that even though I didn't become any better in writing Arabic  learned that if I don't understand something I have to speak for myself in order to be successful and actually learn from my mistakes.